The 8″ “dust free” continous belt sander

Frank ViperThis 8″ belt floor sander weighs as little as 60kg and is more then capable of sanding a school hall, but compact enough to use in a narrow domestic corridor. Changing the belt takes as little as 10 seconds and requires no tools. It has an automatic sanding belt adjuster meaning no fuss once your going. The easy to use featherlite clutch controls allows precision sanding and easy manouvrability. It has a super efficient built in dust extraction system, (FPH certified <2mg/m3) meaning within a cubed meter there is going to be less then 2mg of dust….thats not a lot of dust in the air!! You can adjust the sanding regulator depending on the species of floor and how much pressure you wish to apply on the sanding abrasive making it perfect use for both professional and domestic customers. The bag has an easy draw string to tie up and and can be emptied and refitted in about 20 seconds. Again all very quick, very easy, and very simple to use.